We are oriented in close range aerial video broadcast and aerial photography. Our remote controlled helicopters and camera systems are mostly custom made and we also develop, build and assemble them for sale. See more on our Professional Multirotors Online Store. With our remote controlled multirotor and camera systems can be operated over water, sand, between the trees and so on. It´s simply limited only by imagination.

Mostly used for: advertising, imagoreels, big events, music videos, TV serials / shows, movies and architecture -/ real estatebusinesses.

We film and take stills almost year-around, while theres not difficult and extreme weather conditions. If you need help to capture a photo or video from the air? Please do not hesitate to contact us!
Our thoughts in aerial work will go along with you and we try to score always better results than anyone expected at the first place.

Call us +372 68 78 770 or send us an e-mail to: aerial@aerial-cinematography.eu | www.aerial-cinematography.eu